Cooling Tower

Harrison Cooling Towers manufactures cooling tower and evaporative cooling systems as per the exact requirements of the client. Every unit is designed taking in to consideration the extreme weather conditions of the installation site.

What is Cooling Tower?

A cooling tower is an heat exchanger, in which heat is removed from the water by contact between the water and air. The heat transfer takes place through the heat exchange between air and water and also through evaporation of a small part of the water that is required to be cooled. This allows to cool down to a temperature lower than the ambient (default) temperature, this is an advantage compared to dry coolers.

What are Types of Cooling Towers?

Cooling towers can be categorised into many types in different ways: based on the shape fan type, water efficiency or, quality of water cooling. The main classification tends to be based on the cooling circuit type, which determines the exact operation of the cooling tower.

Importance of Cooling Tower Maintenance

A cooling tower can easily be prevented with a necessary preventive maintenance. A regular cooling tower maintenance will assure the following.

  • Optimal reliability of a cooling tower
  • Cooling tower maintains its required cooling capacity & good operationli>
  • Increases a cooling tower's life
  • Any many more technical advantages

Harrison Manufactures below cooling towers