FRP Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

FRP Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

Closed Circuit Cooling Tower is used in applications where cooling medium need to be clean and free of contamination. Unlike in open cooling tower various cooling media like soft water, coolant or a mixture of soft water and ethylene glycol can be circulated. The cooling tower comes with various operational advantages: scale formation and fouling inside the heat transfer tubes or surface of the host machine can be reduced and remains always clean thereby providing better cooling throughout and better productivity and lower downtime.

Cooling coils are available in copper (99.9 per cent purity) and SS 304. Temperature range and the environmental conditions influence the selection of the materials of construction of cooling coil.

The casing of the cooling tower is made of Zinc Aluminium Alloy Sheets to provide protection to the internal elements and prevent corrosion. The fan is made of Aluminium alloy and the motor is totally enclosed surface cooled one with along operational life. The spray pump is a centrifugal vertical pump which is attached to the body of the cooling tower.

The control panel is provided as an optional accessory. Temperature and pressure gauges are installed for easy assessing the performance of the cooling tower and the host machine.

Structure & Components of FRP Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

Square Cooling Tower - Video

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