Sharing views on Closed Circuit Cooling Towers and Evaporative Air Coolers.

India Manufactures almost the complete range of evaporative cooling devices viz the open cooling tower used for almost all the requirements, evaporative condensers used mainly in meat and seafood processing industries and concrete hyperbolic cooling towers which cater to the power plants.

Two new products under the category of Evaporative Cooling Systems are Closed Circuit Cooling Towers and Evaporative Air Coolers.

Closed Circuit Cooling Towers are slowly being accepted by the Indian industry as cost effective and profitable investments in the long run in spite of the higher initial investment.

In Closed Circuit Cooling Towers, the cooling medium demineralised water or diluted glycol is circulated through closed coil. This prevents contamination of the cooling medium from the environment and thereby keeping the host machines clean always.

Evaporative Air Coolers are the Eco friendly alternative to ozone depleting Air Conditioning devices.

These coolers work very will in low humidity areas. The cooling medium is the Eco-friendly water! Evaporation of water cools the air which is blown through the cooling pads. It is so cost effective that it is used in cooling the greenhouse farms, poultry farms other than cooling storage warehouses and work places.

Witness To The Developments In The Cooling Tower Industry

Cooling Tower Industry in India is more than 6 decades old. Independent India saw a lot of heavy industries set up-both state owned and private ones.With the emergence of heavy industries in independent India it created the need for cooling towers like other utilities made and serviced nationally.

The cooling tower industry started with a few manufacturers in the beginning but today we have a few hundred manufacturers catering to needs ranging from small cooling towers made of FRP, medium range cooling towers made of FRP or treated timber and large Hyperboloid cooling towers.

In the early years in mechanical draught cooling towers treated timber slats were used as the splash fills medium. But to protect the environment, the Government of India banned the felling of trees in the Himalayan forests of Assam in the year 1997 and this resulted in the accelerated development of alternative heat transfer media like PVC, ABS etc.

To a great extent this has helped the wholehearted acceptance, by industry and consultants alike ,of FRP cooling towers (which use PVC Fills as the heat transfer medium) in the smaller and medium sized cooling towers. In spite of the severe draught in same states in India, we still have some source for clean water for use in industry. So we still use Open Type Cooling Tower for heat rejection.

Globally people are more aware of the need to conserve clean water and they opt for Closed Circuit Cooling Tower for cooling the process liquid. Another Eco sensitive development is use of Evaporative Air Coolers in the work place which can replace air- conditioners which uses ozone depleting refrigerents!

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